Dr. Ir. Philippe Van Bogaert


  • Conceptual design of structures : ideas and motivation
  • Structural analysis of common and rare cases
  • Time-dependent loading and nonlinear simulations
  • Fatigue of structures and residual stress effects
  • Assessment of existing structures and repair methods, testing
  • Transformation of heritage structure




  • Design work approaches and methodology
  • Tendering and offer submissions for design and work
  • Coordination of design specialties




  • Teaching, clarification, writing of technical specs
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Explore new fields and activities



Who is Philippe Van Bogaert?

  • Master and PhD in civil engineering
  • Former Head of Design Department TUC RAIL Ltd Brussels
  • E senior full professor bridge and tunnel design and construction Ghent University



  • Designer of some 40 medium and large span steel, concrete and composite bridges and viaducts and main design of 3 major bored soft soil tunnels.
  • Management of 280 staff members of multidisciplinary offices
  • 21 years of bridge research (fatigue, orthotropic plated bridge decks, arch stability, steel panel stiffening, tubular bridges,
  • Conceptual design of various types of structures
  • Author or co-authored of some 260 scientific papers in scientific journals, conference proceedings and book collections (https://biblio.ugent.be/person/801000357846)
  • Supervised 4 doctoral theses and continuing with 4 other theses.
  • Chaired scientific committee IABSE-Rotterdam Conference 2013 and vice-chaired IABSE-Antwerp Symposium 2003.


Main interest in design concepts, high-speed, heritage structures, testing, original structures, working together